In December, we got to attend Emma’s dance recital, and Brennan and Brayden had their first piano recital. Seeing my children improve and learn new skills is one of my favorite things as a mom. Emma just lives to dance. Last year, she took ballet and loved it. This year, I found a different dance teacher that incorporates ballet, hip-hop, and tumbling in her classes. I switched her over to this teacher, and I’m so glad I did! She does an amazing job and Emma’s dancing has improved even more than I could have imagined in just a few short months. She was so excited for the recital. She did 2 numbers and had the time of her life. This recital was much more entertaining for those of us watching than last year’s ballet recitals. The music was lively, the dances were fun, and it didn’t take 3 hours, which was awesome!
I started teaching Brennan and Brayden piano lessons in July. I was really nervous to teach them myself, but they kept begging me to just teach them something about the piano. I relented and told them I would teach them as long as they didn’t give me a hard time and didn’t fight me with practicing. So far, they have really surprised me. They haven’t given me a hard time at all, and they are really enjoying it. They are learning quickly and it’s fun to see the different strengths they have. I hope I get to teach them for years to come. In December, they had their first recital. I have 12 students (2 of them couldn’t make it to the recital) and I split the students up into 2 recitals so they would be short since i know people are busy and they don’t want to spend an entire day at a recital when their child is only playing for a few minutes. The recitals were both great. I’m so proud of all my students, and it was fun to get to enjoy being both the teacher, and a mother of 2 of the performers. Each of my boys played a solo and I got to play a duet with each of them as well. I’m so proud of my budding pianists and my tiny dancer!