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Austin Turns 3

In December, Austin turned 3. It’s always tricky finding time to celebrate a birthday that falls 3 days before Christmas, but so far we’ve managed to make it work. On the 20th, my step-brother Brian got married, so that day wasn’t an option. We opted to celebrate with the family on Sunday, December 21st. It was such a fun evening. We made dinner for everyone, then opened presents and had cake and ice cream. He got puzzles, 1st responder toys, clothes, a matching game and a little plane he can take apart and rebuild.
Austin is such a fun kid. He has both a contagious smile and laugh. He loves to wrestle with his brothers and is always a good sport to play dolls and dance with Emma. He has been a big helper with Kylie, and recently as she has started to reach down when I play her diaper, he always run over to me when I’m changing her and grabs her hands to help me. Austin recently started preschool with the school district. He has been a late talker, so he qualified to attend preschool and get some extra help so he will be ready for kindergarten in a couple of years. When he was tested, he was only talking as much as an average 18 month old, but his understanding was equivalent to an average 5 year old, so he’s a smarty pants, but for some reason that “they” haven’t found yet, he just hasn’t been verbal. I was not ever worried that he wasn’t learning, I was just looking for a little help for him because he would get frustrated sometimes when I couldn’t understand what he wanted. Well, he’s been in preschool for a month and a half now and he’s blossoming like crazy! He is already much more verbal and he loves going to school. He has a best friend, and everyone from the crossing guard to the teacher calls him “smiles” because of his contagious smile. Austin is just awesome and I’m so glad I get to be his mom.


  1. Love this kid’s smile! He is such a happy fun-loving guy!

  2. Love this little boy!! It’s so much fun to watch him learn and grow.

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