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Kylie Bear is One!

On November 7th, my little baby turned 1! On her birthday, I took her down to my mom and Lynn’s house for a photo shoot. Shauna and my mom got some adorable pictures! Kylie loves the camera and the camera loves her back. The next day, we had a little party. First, Kylie opened presents. She got a lot of cute clothes, a toy dog, a shape sorter and a baby doll. Then, we had chocolate cake and ice cream, which was the highlight for Kylie. That girl loves chocolate!
We are so glad that Kylie is part of our family. She makes us smile every day. Here are some of the things we love most about out little lady:
-She is always happy. Even if I have to wake her up from a nap (which is every day) she just smiles at me.
-She talks! She has said so many words, including: mama, dadda, nigh-nigh (night-night), gin (again), more, no, done, Bubba, uh-huh, Diggy, uh-oh, Na-na (Shauna), and ru-ru (barking like a dog).
-He cute little waddle-walk. She started walking at 10 1/2 months, but now she is finally walking all over.
-She gives the best hugs and kisses.
-The way she folds her arms for prayers and “prays” along with whoever else is praying.
-Her tiny little toes. She has the littlest feet and can still wear size 0-3 month shoes.
We love you Kylie. Thanks for being part of our family!!

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  1. I just love this little girl like crazy!! She has my heart. 🙂

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