Austin turned 2 on December 22nd. To celebrate, we had a small party on Saturday, December 21st. I thought he would need some help knowing what to do when it came time to open his presents, but as soon as the gifts were set in front of him, he just started opening them like a pro. He was so excited with each new gift. After presents, we had some cupcakes and then watched Austin play with his new toys. It was a small celebration but he had a great time.
We are so happy to have Austin in our family. He is a super happy guy. His smile can brighten an entire room. Here are some fun things about Austin right now:
-He adores his baby sister. He always wants to give her kisses and makes sure she has everything he thinks she needs at any given time, whether Kylie wants it or not.
-He doesn’t talk much yet, but has just started using new words in the last couple of days. It’s so fun when he just casually says something new, like he’s been using that word forever. We all get really excited and he looks at us like we are a little crazy.
-He is tough! He can take down his big sister and both of his big brothers, and if he catches me off guard he can take me down too!
-He loves to rough house with his big brothers and he is hardly ever the first one to get hurt.
-When he does get hurt, he just wants his owie to get brushed off by Mom or Dad and then he continues doing whatever he was doing before he got hurt.
-He has a dimple in his right cheek when he smiles.
-His smiles and giggles are both contagious and he can cheer anyone up in a heartbeat.
We have really enjoyed having Austin around the last 2 years and we are excited to watch him grow and learn lots of new things in the coming year!