After a little searching, Nick found a couple of female goats for sale. They were listed as Nigerian Dwarf goats, but after seeing them, we believe they are actually Pygmy goats. Anyway, Nick called the owners and told them we were interested, so on the evening of August 3rd, 2016, we drove about an hour to go pick them up. The moment the kids saw them, they were in love! They were young-about 18 months old, and they were twin sisters. They looked a lot alike, but one had a small horn on one side of her head from a disbudding gone bad. We decided we wanted them, so we loaded them up and drove home. The excitement was just about more than the kids could handle. They were giggling and squealing with excitement the entire way home. We got home and grabbed a couple pieces of bread to lead them into the pasture. Since the goats were twins, we told our twins they could name them. Brayden named the one with one horn, Sophia. Brennan named the other one Raya. By this time, it was pretty late, so we tried to get the kids to bed. For some reason, it took them forever to fall asleep.
The next morning, as soon as the kids woke up, they headed outside to play with the cat and the goats. I don’t think any of us spent any time inside that day, except to eat. Getting the kids to spend a lot of time outside was a big reason we moved out of our subdivision, so this made me really happy. The goats adjusted really quickly and became friends with the kids immediately. They would just follow the kids around, wherever they went. It turns out, goats are lots of fun! Good choice, Nick!

Arriving home with our new goats!

Nick unloading Sophia.

Emma getting to know the goats.

Kylie was so excited.

Austin introducing the cat to one of the goats.

Showing the goats the playset we set up for them.

Austin and the cat.