When Nick and I decided to buy our property, he told me he wanted to get a couple of goats. I laughed so hard, and couldn’t figure out what we would do with goats, but he kept persisting, and we did need some sort of animal to keep the weeds down, so I gave in. The pastures, however, were not set up for small animals, so we needed to do some work before we could put goats back there. Nick picked up a bunch of fencing on his way home from work one evening, and we got to work. The kids did a pretty good job of helping without complaining, which was a relief. One of the reasons we chose to move out here was so we could teach our kids how to work hard, so this was the first real test. We put up many hundreds of feet of fencing, just to get an area fenced off big enough that we could pick up some goats.

We found a bunch of big slugs as we were putting up fencing.

Kylie and Emma ready to work.

So much fencing.

Austin helping Nick.