We had the best Memorial Day weekend this year. Friday evening, my mom and Lynn did a BBQ since all of my siblings were in town. It is always good to spend time with everyone, even if it’s just for a little bit. My siblings really are my best friends.
After the BBQ, we headed home and waited for Matt and Caramie and their kids to get here. Friday happened to be Matt and Caramie’s anniversary, and they still came to visit us. We felt so special. We let the kids play for a little bit Friday night then got them to bed, knowing they would all be up bright and early the next morning. Saturday, we headed down to my mom and Lynn’s new property to have some fun. They bought some property right on the river and it’s amazing. The day was spent “camping” there. We roasted hot dogs and did a little fishing. The fishing was so good that we caught a fish with every cast! Every kid was able to catch a fish. Lynn also gave all the kids a ride on his new tractor. I think out of all the kids, Austin enjoyed that the most. Lynn actually let him steer (brave man), and Austin’s was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. After a few hours, Caramie and I took the kids to play in my mom’s little stream and cool off while Nick and Matt cleaned up from the “camping”. We got the kids to bed and sent the men out to grab some dinner and bring it back to the house for a little double date.
Sunday we went to church and just let the kids play and watch movies. We also got some beads out and let the kids make necklaces.
Monday we headed out The Village to let the kids watch the dancing fountains. It was a hit. Then we went and played at the park and ended our weekend together with a pizza picnic at the park. It was hard to have Matt and Caramie leave after such a great weekend. It really was so great. The kids got along about 98% of the time, which is pretty amazing when you stick 9 kids in one house. I hope they can come play again soon!